DAWN – New Opening (First 13 Pages)

Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been cracking on with my script. I am now at 40 pages and for your eyes only I have decided to share the opening with you. You guys always give me great feedback and I do really appreciate it and I want you all to know that.

This section, the first 13 pages, is what I would say is the main opening in that it gets the exposition out of the way and establishes the main characters and the situation for the rest of the film to carry on with. Continue reading

Writing Playlist: Top Artists and Tracks

I just thought this would be interesting to share to you guys that are interested in the music I share. This is taken from my Last.fm account. (Add me as a friend if you have it!)

But yeah these are my top tracks and top artists. I like to think I have a nice eclectic taste in music and this helps prove it.


Writing Playlist: I.O.U. by Dappy (No seriously…)

Welcome to the new and improved “Music That Inspires Me”, a few people have asked why the songs are “inspiring” when in reality they’re not, it’s more just music I write too, not necessarily music that inspires said writing. So with that in mind yeah this segment is going to be called “Writing Playlist”, over time I will go back and change previous ones to reflect this title but it may take a while to do them all.

So let’s get to it, the first song is I.O.U by Dappy (from N-Dubz) but before you’re like “LOLWHAT?” seriously just give it a listen, I was very VERY surprised that not only can he actually sing, the lyrics match how I am feeling at the moment and seem very relatable to other people too so yeah, just give it a listen. You can find the lyrics after the jump.

Continue reading

Last Night

“Last night I had the strangest sensation.
Falling slowly but in actuality,
I was stationary, in the same location.”

Hello there! Just a quick update to tell you about a weird feeling I had last night whilst led in bed, I started to write that first sentence and the next too came to me so thought I would just put it in quotes and it could be a nice little ice breaker for this here blog post.

But yeah, I had a weird sensation last whilst led in bed (not the falling sensation which that short ditty refers to). It was the feeling that someone had climbed on to my bed and settled next to me. Let me help you picture the scene. Continue reading

I. Am. Done.

Finished. Complete. Fully submitted.

Congrats Diss

My dissertation is finally complete and I handed it in today, or yesterday for me, today for most of you guys because you are American….

It clocked in at 9723 words…that’s a lot of words. I am surprised I am not all worded out which would be bad you know, considering I am a writer and words are my craft. I even got what I can only describe as a certificate for handing it in (they called it a receipt).

So what is next for me? Continue reading

Who Are You?

Who are you, to so boldly look back out of the mirror at me? I don’t even recognise you anymore. I tell myself ‘that’s you Jon, that is you’ but it’s not. It looks like me but it isn’t. There’s something in those eyes that I have never seen before, and let me tell you this now, I’ve seen my eyes a lot. I mean, they’re my own fucking eyes. But it’s all changed now hasn’t it? Yes. Yes it has. Physically the eyes are not mine either. Dark bags hang below them, almost as if they became any larger they would become pendulous. The rest of the face fared no different. There was a gauntness to the cheeks that was barely hidden behind a thinning, grey, uneven beard. But that’s not the most alarming thing to have changed. Continue reading

Dear Amy – Draft 4


Hey sorry again for the absence, been working away on my dissertation and doing a little more work on the Amy Draft which is due in on Tuesday so I have uploaded what is the fourth, and possibly final draft.

Not much has changed from Draft 3 bar some minor details and a small rewrite of the last segment of dialogue right at the end. Continue reading

Dear Amy – Update

So there hasn’t be an update on either my monologue or film script recently hence the “Open Questions” that seem to have been a little hit and miss but the response to the previous ones have been good just no comments on the latest one yet really. Don’t know what went wrong there.

But onto the topic at hand. Dear Amy. My monologue.

I managed to get some more feedback on it today after “performing” it in class (read performing as – reading out nervously). The feedback was as follows: Continue reading