3 Minute Film Idea

JpegI figure it was time to let you guys know my idea, see if I can get a little feedback before tomorrow! After around 12:00GMT I won’t be able to make major changes but for now I figured I would share my idea with you guys to see if there is any improvements I can make before pitching tomorrow.

To the write is a picture of the pillars that are mentioned below. I am including both the premise and the synopsis.

The working title at the moment is “Divide” because of the divide that separates them etc. If you can think of a better one though let me know!

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30 Minute Script – Draft 3

So as you may know I have been working on a 30 minute script for University.

I completed the story but didn’t reach the page count so my tutor advised to me add some scenes at the beginning, that while they don’t add anything to the story they won’t lose me any marks when it comes to page count.

I have now added them in and have given the full script a going over. It is now at 25 pages which is enough and I am quite proud of it. Continue reading


Turning a story into a film is difficult, and anyone who complains that films of books are “rubbish” because they “left too much out”.

You see, so much in a story comes across from the descriptions and narration as opposed to the dialogue. Whilst in a film you have to get the majority of information through the dialogue, and any action. But you have to balance that with just coming outright and saying for example; “I haven’t been outside in a week.”

One way you can combat this is using voice over, which is okay for a short film, but unless done right wouldn’t be the best solution for a feature length film.

I am working on turning my short story; “Come With Me”, into a short film script, and this is one of the troubles I am having, especially since the story is in first person, so we are told a lot of the emotions and thoughts through the main character.

It is a challenge, but one I am enjoying and when I have completed it I will upload the script and provide a link to the original story and if you have the time, I’d appreciate any feedback you have.

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So today I have set myself a task. There have recently been a lot of people inquiring about short film scripts and unfortunately, I only have one (that I’d like to make anyway) so to increase my portfolio, I have decided to turn “Come With Me”, a short story, into Come With Me, the short film. I am aiming for 2o minutes, hopefully less, but I will see as I write it.

If I manage to get it done, I will post it up when I do.

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