Dear Amy – Update

So there hasn’t be an update on either my monologue or film script recently hence the “Open Questions” that seem to have been a little hit and miss but the response to the previous ones have been good just no comments on the latest one yet really. Don’t know what went wrong there.

But onto the topic at hand. Dear Amy. My monologue.

I managed to get some more feedback on it today after “performing” it in class (read performing as – reading out nervously). The feedback was as follows: Continue reading

First Draft of DAWN Complete!

It’s done! The first draft of my feature film with the new working title Dawn: An Awakening.

It comes in at just over 57 pages. The minimum amount is 90 so I have 33 pages to work with whilst adding some back story and subplots which I have spoken about in previous posts. As I went along and finished up this first draft I kept a log of changes I want to make, just little things I won’t to go back and add etc to help with continuity and maybe add a bit more drama.

Both the script and the changes are at the bottom. Feel free to have a read, I can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback on this one.

Also, as a little incentive, the first 10 people to reblog this can have a character named after them Continue reading

DAWN: Synopsis–Draft 2

Here is Draft 2 of the DAWN synopsis, made quite a few changes and added in a subplot, hoping people think this is much improved! Let me know what you think about the changes and click here to find all the other articles documenting my process in getting to this stage.

One thing I’m not sure of is the ending, having trouble thinking of how to end it so if you could suggest anything I would be very appreciative.

Story wise this will be how it has to remain till December 10th because my deadline is drawing closer. By then I need to have a finalised treatment, a beat outline, character biographies a full scene by scene breakdown and the first 10 pages of the script. So soon I will have to start writing the Scene by Scene breakdown hence why not much plot can changed at the moment.

After 10th of December though I can start reworking the plot (and the Scene by Scene accordingly) as starting next January after the Christmas break I have to actually write the full script with all the dialogue etc, so if I can get the plot and structure down before then in January it will be just a case of writing the script and then editing it constantly till the dialogue and action etc are as tight as I can make them!

Thanks again and please find the PDF of the synopsis below!

Dawn – Synopsis v2

A New Drafting Technique & DAWN – Feedback

As you may well be aware I am currently working on my first feature film called “DAWN”. This blog has pretty much been dedicated to it recently and I don’t see that changing until I break up from University at Christmas when I can have a break from thinking about it.

But it’s got to be said, I am really enjoying the experience. The feedback I am getting from people and you lot is fantastic! It’s all well and good showing it my friends but they’re always nice, “Oh that’s amazing” “Well done” which don’t get me wrong is nice to hear but at the same time it’s not constructive. And as a writer what you need is constructive feedback and that is what you, my readers, provide me and for that I am very thankful and I love each one of you.

The feedback I have got I have decided to collate by draft into a separate document which I will be able to hand in as extra evidence for my assignment and will hopefully net me more marks for this module I am currently doing. (This module is planning it with the final hand in being a full scene by scene breakdown of the script and the post-christmas module is the actual writing of the full script)

But something else that has come out of this that I have never done is a change-log. Continue reading

DAWN: Update 2 [Updated]

Here is another update post collating my thoughts and others on my feature film script, a project I have to do for University. By December I will have written a scene by scene break down for the entire film as well as the first 10 minutes of the script and a synopsis and final logline etc etc. Then starting next year I will have to write the rest of the film to be handed in around May.

To get up to date with all the posts regarding this film click here.

So as you know from my last post my tutor isn’t happy really with my idea and I decided to not change it for him deciding to write what I enjoy the most and hopefully that will show through.

As commenter “michaelrwilson” put it: Continue reading

Feature Film Plot Change

For those of you who may remember I posted this post not so long ago:

Well scrap that idea! (Well, I haven’t scrapped it I’ve just filed it away for later use)

Yesterday I had a lecture based around Characters, and how to make them believable. To do this we thought about the back story for the character and how this affects how they are during the start of the film.

We were set the task of getting into pairs and answering the “ten questions” you should ask yourself when creating a character and thinking about how they fit in your story. I will include the ten questions at the end in case you’ve never seen them before. Needless to say, I could answer the questions but they didn’t fit with my plot, and the key concept I wanted to tell was of the character over coming his nerves and shyness, his fears etc. And I was trying to force him into a plot that wasn’t right for him, like pressing a square peg into a round hole.  Continue reading

Tools Of The Trade: Celtx

Welcome to my new weekly feature! Tools of the trade will hopefully run every Friday and I’ll try to stick to that as much as possible. I have six “tools” planned to talk about I may feature more if I can think of any especially with going back to University soon, I will start writing more, therefore using more! So let’s get it started.

Welcome to this wees Tools Of The Trade, sorry it’s later than usual, I moved house on Saturday so all day Friday was spent packing and I don’t get the internet in my new house till tomorrow but I managed to get down to the University library to write this article!

This weeks tool is Celtx, a free piece of script/novel writing software that manages your scripts for you. It will help keep you organised and you get a wealth of features for free. For example, not only can you write your scripts inside the software you can also store biographies about all your characters and every time a new character speaks in the script a character entry is added to your scripts database.

Your scripts formatting is done automatically, all you need to do is write. Well, ok it’s not that simple but it IS this simple: At the bottom of the screen it gives you the instructions you need, the shortcuts, to get the script formatted.

Pressing ENTER will take you down a line in the screenplays directions, but press it again and it will change to a Scene Heading. This allows you to begin your next scene and because it knows what part of the script you are intending to write, in this case a new Scene, it will create a new scene in the Scene List at the side of the page. This lets you clickly navigate your script as the pages increase.

And with the rise of “cloud” services, Celtx now offer you an online storage solution where you can sync your scripts and novels too, and if you buy Celtx premium, you can even edit your scripts online.

It truly is a great piece of software and for the grand total price of nothing, what are you waiting for?

You can learn more and download the software from the following location;

It’s That Time Again

Time for me to share my work!

As you may know I have been working away at a thirty minute script called Escape, I have had some amazing feedback over the writing process, something which will help when I write my reflective essay .

The script is due in tomorrow and I have included the final version on this post on the off chance someone finds the time to read it and spots any grammar or spelling mistakes or continuity by around 3pm tomorrow (UK Time). Plot wise it is going to stay the same I think unless something glaringly obvious sticks out due to it being in tomorrow and needing to other work for Friday. Continue reading

Escape Script – Draft 4!

Hi, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I fell into laziness of the Easter holidays aha, but I am back and with a new overhauled version of my Escape script that I have been posting for feedback.

At the end of this post you’ll find the updated draft. If you have any time spare I would be very greatful if you could have a read and give me some feedback.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the people who have given me feedback on the blog and also through my Facebook page, you guys know who you are and you have helped me make the script a lot better.

Thanks again and look out for some more posts coming your way soon.

Escape – DRAFT 4