Guest Article: Moving Out Of University Accommodation

A first year student’s moving out guide:

Hi again!

As a follow-up to the student’s moving-out-of-home guide Daniel so politely let me write for this blog back in February, I’ve written this ‘student’s moving-out-of-res guide’ to smooth the transition from your first year res to wherever you’ll be dwelling subsequently. I’ve decided to keep the format the same (a nice, easy to follow number list), so here goes:

#1: Ditch what you don’t need

Moving out of your res is a great opportunity to declutter, and lose some of the stuff you inevitably collected during your first year. Sweep aside the traffic cones and road signs you ‘liberated’ from various building sites, chuck out the numerous sombreros, pirate hats and novelty glasses in your ‘fancy dress box’ (these items become less and less socially acceptable as your university career progresses), and make some much needed space for the detritus you’ll collect in years 2 and 3. Continue reading