What I’ve Been Up To

Over the Christmas period all I seem to have done is work in a game shop and then come home and play games and then go back to work to talk about games.

But that’s not ALL I’ve done, I have also modelled and textured this book, all by myself to I might add. Why’s this a big deal? Because I’ve been following tutorials and decided I wanted to make something on my own, so I decided I would do something simple that I could then figure out how to make the textures for it etc and had a lot of fun doing it.

Here’s a collection of screens from the green work in progress book to the black finished book.

Past Week

So I have had a very very very busy past week, but all the assignments are done finally huzzah! Unfortunately I just really don’t want to write anymore (a 4000 word short story, a 3000 word learning journal/reflective essay, a 30 minute radio script, 5 minute monologue, a 10 minute opening of a script and another reflective essay, really takes writing out of you aha).

So I have gone back to an old hobby of mine and that is 3D Modelling, I studied a Games Design course in College and picked up the basic skills there, but eventually I ended up stopping the modelling unfortunately, but because I’m a student I can get free software so I got myself a copy of 3Ds Max and here is a selection of what I have created so far!

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