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Hi guys, a quick update: The gaming blog I mentioned last night is now up and running.

You can find it here:


For now I am going to leave off getting a domain for it, I will see how often it is visited before I decide to invest any money in it etc.

From now on that is where anything game related will be posted. A full explanation of why that is can be found on the About page of that site.

In the next couple of days I’ll be creating an “I Can Write For You” page. More details on this to follow, but it is basically what it says on the tin.

I’m going to offer some writing services to those who’ll be interested, at cheap rates, or even free, depending on what it is for and how difficult it will be.

Thanks again for all the support and all the views I’m glad my work is interesting to people.

News! Domain URL and changes to layout.

The blog now has its own domain and email address! The domain you can all bookmark is http://wordsformwindows.com and the email can be found in the new contact section.

Also I’m going to move some stuff around and set up another blog to host anything game related there to keep this more focused on creative writing stories and poems etc and thoughts and opinions. The new blog will be live soon and i’ll post a link to it when its up and running, but for now just keep reading :)

Sony Conference

I have just finished writing about the Sony Conference which I watched this morning due to things coming up last night. Check it out here:


E3 draws ever closer…

So E3 is this Tuesday, expect a lot of posts from me about it. I can’t wait to see what Sony, Microsoft and Ninty reveal, I’m going to try and catch the live streams of their press conferences and if I do I’ll be posting live, if not I’ll have to watch them later and I’ll just have to do posts about what they reveal, either way I can not wait. Subscribe over the —-> for email alerts or up above if you are a WordPress user. You can follow my posts on Twitter also, by clicking the link over there —->

Stay tuned!


Outland – Review

I recently played the demo for the 2D platformer “Outland” developed by Housemarque and published by Ubisoft. It was a fantastic game from the visuals to the sound and I will be writing a full fledged review for the game soon which you’ll be able to find under the Game Review section at the top.

I’ll post an update here once it is up.

Daniel (:

Outland Cover

The "cover" of the game.