“Escape” Script Feedback

I posted draft 3 of my script yesterday and had some great feed back from Rich.

He asked some good questions and I answered him in the comments of that post, but I have included them here for other people in case they read the script and get confused to.

Here is the script in question:
Escape – DRAFT 3 (33Kb)

If you feel like it give the script a read before reading on, then you can see if you felt the same as Rich and whether my answers make sense etc. Continue reading

Dead And Buried

A while back I posted a link to a PDF that included the opening of the script I’m doing for my Radio Writing class.

The title is Dead and Buried and is set after the events of the story, with the two main characters, Jen and David recounting the events that led them to the rooms they’re in.

I have included the updated version, I have a later scene wrote as well but is not included in this as it’s in a separate document. Again any feedback you have if you read it would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!

*UPDATE* 20/11/11 – 14:17
Uploaded another version of the script with more of the work I have done since the original upload.