My Thanks Go To…

I got a comment on my “About Me” page last night from Alexandra Corinth saying she had nominated me for two awards the Kreativ Blogger award and the One Lovely Blog award.

I am happy that someone has read my blog and liked it enough to share this with me, so thank you Alexandra.

If I understand it correctly, I now nominate five people from my blogging circle to receive the awards, and then give some facts about myself.

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Picture It & Write

Again the people over at Ermilia’s blog have posted another Picture It & Write article. Unfortunately I’m behind at the moment so this is last weeks and then I am going to post the most recent one after this. For those who don’t know what this is, they post a picture and then write a brief story about the image. They then ask for you to join in, your can either carry on their story or write your own. You can also do poetry and even something in another language (providing there is a translation posted along with it). I encourage everyone to give it a go because it helps get the “creative juices” flowing. My entry is below the image

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Dead And Buried

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I finally have got around to starting my 45 minute Radio Play that I am writing as part of my Radio for Radio module at UCLan.

Titled Dead And Buried, it is about Jennifer, who is in an abusive relationship. After one incident she calls her brother crying and he comes round. Jen’s fiance, Adam, comes home whilst David is there and there is a fight, and this is a play about the repercussions of that fight.

I have included the opening monologue from Jen if you want to read it. It is a first draft at the moment so it may change by the time I I have finished with it. I am open to any feedback, as long as it is constructive obviously. That is part of the reason I am putting it up here. I hope you like it, just click the link below to be taken to the PDF.


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Hush, Hush Now.

So I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m one of those people that buys on impulse. It

has got me many things I’ve loved and many things I’ve hated. With the advent of smartphones though come’s a slight assurance that I can easily check whether what I am buying is going to be any good or not by doing a quick search for reviews and ratings.

That in mind today I was food shopping and took a stroll down the book aisle in the supermarket. And in said book isle was the cover art you can see.

Instantly my curiosity was piqued. It clearly portrays what this book is going to be about. An Angel…a fallen Angel.

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Learning Journal!?

What is this! For Creative Writing this semester I have two parts to my assignment, a 4000 word short story and a learning journal and reflection essay.

Each of those thing are worth 50% of my final mark.

That has only just dawned on me properly aha, but so has the fact that really 4000 words is nothing either. The articles I write on here that are like 600+ words normally on take around 20-30 minutes so 4000 words isn’t much, 4000 GOOD words on the other hand?

And what are you even supposed to write in a learning journal. I have a good thing I can write about going through the idea generation but we have to look at research, that is the bit that I’m going to struggle with the most. I like to write in my own style and my own way and I haven’t read any short stories that have inspired me to think I want to write in that style. I guess I’ll have to get reading then. Damn.

Grim Reality.

No matter the reasons, it’s still the people that suffer, whether for god or for man, it’s our lives that are being taken from us. So why not just beat them too it?


So today was my first day back at Uni and even though I’m shattered and need to go to sleep I really enjoyed it, it is definitely good to be back in Creative Writing, it really gets my creative juices flowing.
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Two new articles…

I have posted two new articles this morning; Silence and Photographs of a Funeral.

These are two pieces of writing I did when I first started really focusing on my writing back in 2009, this is when I started my Creative Writing course, and Silence was the first blog post I ever did, back on my old Tumblr.

I like both pieces, and they are very personal to me because they are about me and feelings that I had.

The pieces are here:

I hope you enjoy them.

- Daniel

The Crafty Badger

“We are two students from Blackpool making things we like in hope that you will like them too! Our names are Lauren and Jake, lauren studies graphic design and jake studies fine art. We are new to this but we are learning along the way. We are working on making lots of hand crafted paper goods for you, our styles our different but we have thrown everything together to create The Crafty Badger, to show and sell to you! Thank you for checking us out :)”

These are two very cool people, if you head on over to their Facebook here (opens in new tab) you can check out photographs of some of their quality handmade products.

I went to school with Jake for five years and I knew Lauren a little bit through the two months I did in sixth form (fail) anyway, check them out and if you like their stuff you can buy it from their etsy store which you can find here.

Harry Potter MMORPG?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Recently I have been getting back into World of Warcraft, had rekindled my love for RPG’s (role-playing games). I recently bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I really like, although I seem to suck at it at the moment. Call of Duty has made me think left trigger is aim down sights, whereas in DE-HR it puts you into cover, sticking you to the nearest effing wall, even if the enemies you were attacking can still see you there.

But anyway yeah, back on track, I have been really keen on RPG’s recently and with Harry Potter now having come to end with the books having been long since complete and the movies more recently being complete, it needs something new.

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