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Fare thee well Doctor! *Spoilers*

Again, I emphasis spoilers. If you haven’t watched “A Good Man Goes To War” yet then don’t read on, or do if you aren’t bother about spoilers.



Amy, Rory and River

Amy, Rory and River

So last night saw the last episode of Doctor Who until Autumn 2011, in the weirdly named, Let’s Kill Hitler. What this has got to do with the events of last nights episode I do not know.

Moffat said that there would be a huge “game-changing” twist at the end of “A Good Man Goes To War.” Whilst yes, I guess it game-changing. In the end it wasn’t very original because, it had been rumoured for a while that River was Amy’s daughter. I mean thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Although I must admit they played it very well, keeping us unsure, but I felt a little let down that it was that simple.

We know River is in prison for “killing the best man she has ever known”, and if she is indeed Amy’s daughter and it was Amy’s daughter who killed the Doctor at the start of this series then maybe that is the Doctor’s final day.

But again I don’t think this is to be the case, I mean the Doctor has got two more regenerations left, and I know a Time Lord can be killed completely if they are destroyed before the regenerations kicks in. But thinking about it properly and not as if Doctor Who was real, I doubt the BBC would end it with Matt Smith with two regenerations left. And even then that may  not be the end, The Master’s regenerations ran out and he managed to carry on living through the use of other peoples bodies. Unless the ended it and brought it back again in a decade or so. But I have a feeling that Matt Smith will only do one more series as The Doctor. With Amy and Rory having a baby now, maybe they’ll leave at the end of this series? But then again, River said she was brought up in a forest, so maybe Amy and Rory don’t raise her in the end, or the go on to raise her there possibly?

What I find interesting is that Steven Moffat wrote “Silence in the Library”, the first episode that River appeared in. I wonder if he had this twist in mind from the start or if it just occurred to him. I mean the link between River and Pond might just be a nice coincidence, with last nights show explaining in the forest where River was raised they didn’t have a word for “pond”, but at the same time it did fit quite nicely, and with River being Moffat’s creation who knows?

I wonder how many regenerations along River is? Maybe she is the thirteenth? That would make sense but she died for good in the library episode, well her body anyway, her mind went on living in the computer. But this means as The Doctor goes forward he’ll be going into Rivers past, this will allow us to see other generations of River. We’ve already seen one, where she was in the space suit, and we know she’s regenerated again, because of when the kid died in front of the homeless guy. So many questions.

And that’s what I love about Doctor Who, it leaves you with so many questions. And some get answered, sometimes not as much as we’d like but anything is something. Sometimes it doesn’t occur for a while. A good example of this is when The Master died when he was played by John Simm, and Tennant burned his body on the pyre and the ring dropped, with a mysterious female hand picking it up. We didn’t learn who picked it up for a while.

On a side note, I love Rory. During the first episode I wanted him to just get killed off and be done with it, partly because it might have made Amy harder but mainly because I didn’t like the character. But I must say as this season has progressed the humour surrounding him has got funnier and his character has gotten stronger. This hasn’t ever been more apparent than in last nights episode, where he donned the role of The Last Centurion again. The scene with the Cybermen was perfect and his line, “Do I need to repeat the question?” When the fleet in the background exploded was done and performed perfectly.

I’m going to miss Doctor Who whilst it’s off air, I truly am. And I’m going to miss writing about it. I can’t wait for the series to resume in the Autumn, according to Wikipedia it will air in September. I mean, I’m sure I can wait three months…just.

At least we’ll have Torchwood to occupy us in the mean time. Although I have seen the trailer for the new season and I’m not sure what I think, I’m hoping they haven’t made it overtly American, it needs to be kept true to its roots, otherwise it will just get way out of hand and ruin a good series.

How did you all find last nights episode, and the series so far?

Did you expect the twist? Or maybe not?



E3 Is Almost Here

So as the title says, E3 is almost here! This Tuesday to be exact. I’ll be posting a lot during the 3 day convention, especially Twitter. (Let the #tagging commence.) Last year I was able to watch the live press conferences before jetting off to America to work at Summer Camp. Although no America this time I should be able to still watch the live events and provide my coverage here and on Twitter like I said.

GameTrailers have been covering a lot of pre E3 content for example this amazing trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider to be released at the end of 2012.

I’m quite excited to hear more about and see the new home console fromNintendo (Project Cafe is the codename) will it REALLY have screens in its controller as rumoured?

What are your thoughts and opinions?

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Also, the final Doctor Who tomorrow. I know I didn’t post an article about last weeks, which I should have done but I will post a long one tomorrow or Sunday about the mid season finale.

Flesh or Memory?



“Trust me, I’m The Doctor.”

So tonight saw Episode 5 of the latest series of Doctor Who and I started watching it not knowing it would be a two parter and then when it ended I was so engrossed I thought only like 10 minutes had passed. I hate it when that happens.

But that shows it was a great piece of work.

I thought that the mid season  finale was at episode 6 but it’s episode 7, oops. But this is good because it means one more week of Who.

Eye patch lady showed her face again tonight but didn’t say anything this time and it seemed cut pretty choppy, Amy doesn’t seem to be bothered that she is basically being haunted by this strange woman anymore. I’m sure it’ll become clear soon though.

I am definitely looking forward to next week’s episode, The Almost People. The Doctor’s “ganger” looks like it will provide an interest piece of plot, although do we really need two Doctor’s?

This isn’t the first time another Doctor has come into existence, think back to Tennant’s reign and his copy that he left with Rose in the parallel universe. Do you think the Doctor-Ganger will stay? Or will they all have to be killed?

This episode posed a very good thought provoking question about identity.

Are we our flesh or our memories?

Personally I think we are our memories, if I thought the same and lived the same way and had the same experiences in a different body I think I would be the same person, mentally at least.



The Doctor’s Wife

The fourth episode of Doctor Who aired last night, entitled “The Doctor’s Wife”.

It was one of THE best episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen. Neil Gaiman’s writing was amazing and the whole craziness of it just felt right. The relationship between Idris (the woman the TARDIS enters) and the Doctor was spot on, and when Matt Smith had to say goodbye and he had a tear in his eye, brilliant. Suranne Jones played Idris to perfection, very Helena Bonham Carter-esque.

The humour in this episode was very well written with the hilarity of some stuff that Idris was saying and with Matt’s “And you are not my mother!” line. I’m not too sure if this is a reference to the episode with Christopher Eccelston and The Empty Child. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a reference as an episode with David Tennant when he is at a UNIT base makes a reference to it, more direct though, when he holds up the gas mask and actually repeats the line, “Are you my mummy?”

The best bit of the episode by far was the scenes with Amy and Rory in the TARDIS corridors, when Amy came round the corner and “KILL AMY” was all over the walls, it was very haunting. Rory going mental was awesome to and Rory played it very well considering his reputation of being the dumb scared one.

Also, I nearly had a nerdgasm when they went back into the old TARDIS control room, I thought we’d never see it again aha, but now it’s been deleted we probably never will.

This series of Doctor Who keeps getting better and better, although apparently this episode was wrote for the last series but because of lack of a budget they couldn’t. And even this season they had to cut out a scene in the TARDIS’ swimming pool due to money concerns.

The preview for next weeks episode looks very creepy indeed, I’m not too sure what it’s about but I can’t wait.

How is everyone else liking Doctor Who this season?

I must say, as a side note, Amy Pond is getting better as a companion and even Rory is growing on me.

Doctor Which?

So Doctor Who started a few weeks ago, as you can probably tell from my blog.

And you know what? I like Matt Smith. There. I said it.

“Haters gonna hate”, I get that but really? He’s not bad. He’s good in fact. He must have been picked for a reason over all the other actors?

I’ve been watching the 2005 series with Christopher Eccleston again and I really enjoyed them, sure I preferred David Tennant, but he was with us for longer than Eccleston.

So please people, give Matt Smith a chance.

Even Arthur Darvill as Rory is growing on me. The only character I don’t like is Amy Pond, the companion, the other person we are SUPPOSED to care about. Karen Gillan is a good actress and she plays Amy perfectly. My trouble lies with head writer Steven Moffat’s writing of Amy. She’s weak and useless and just gets in the way whilst constantly shouting for The Doctor. (Although I will admit she is starting to get some balls, see Season 6 – Episode 3: The Curse of the Black Spot, when she was a Pirate.)

What bugs me most is they used sex appeal to get us to like the character with the “kissagram” thing. Just call her a stripper and have done with it.

Rose Tyler and Martha Jones, they were good companions and they actually helped in situations. Amy, like I said, just gets herself in trouble and calls for The Doctor.

I think at the moment to have 3 companions:
- Amy
- Rory
- River
Is too many, although River is back in Stormcage now but we know she’ll be back eventually.

Since Moffat took over the show seems to have become, I dunno, more cheesy almost. It’s lost that sense of dread and drama and the need to care for the characters that the series had when Russell T. Davies was in the lead.

I recently rewatched Rose’s departure from the show and I cried like a baby, and I’m not afraid to admit that. Those tears were a testimony to strong writing. When Rory had died, like each of the gazillion times, I’ve not been upset, last series I even thought “thank god.”

I’m just hoping that this mid-season secret will be worth the wait until it’s revealed and it will keep me hooked for the rest of the season after summer.

So to sum up, I’m loving this season, and I loved last season just not AS much as the old days before the change over, but I will keep loyal to The Doctor.

Doctor, Who… The Hell Was That Girl?

The Silence

The Silence


Without giving too much away to people who have yet to watch the new episodes, in the two part premiere of the new series of Doctor Who there was a little girl, first she was inside a spacesuit and then she got out, because she was “very strong and running”. My Dad had a theory that she was a female Master because she shot the Doctor but I countered that with the fact The Master has no regenerations left, but they could explain this any which way.

I don’t think this is the case though, my theory is she is someone’s child, either the Doctor’s or Amy’s, but The Doctor already has a child, Jenny, so the obvious choice would be Amy’s, but the fact this little girl can regenerate, as seen when she died, is a throw off, because it is clear that Amy loves Rory and obviously hasn’t slept with the Doctor, but what if she was right? What if travelling did mess the pregnancy up, what if it does have a “time head”, whatever that is. Of course it’s merely speculation at the moment and we won’t know for sure until Mr Moffat wants us to know, unless it gets leaked but I think it will stay safe, I don’t really want to go looking because I don’t want this ruined but knowing my luck I will inevitably stumble across it if it is.

What do you think? Who is the little girl?

And what is a “time head”?