I will be working on a few projects of my own over summer and the one which I have officially decided on and the first one I’d like to unveil is working on a collection of short stories set in the same world.

They will be based in the same world as a previous short story that I have written which you can read here. They will be Steampunky/Post-Apocalyptic, set in the future though rather than the past, in a world covered in sand. The sand is explained in the short story I have linked.

The working title of this collection of stories is “Sandworld” which is very unoriginal I know, but it’s too the point because after all they are set in a Sandworld aha. But it’s only a working title and I’ll think of something as I go but one word came to mind earlier when I was walking home. And this word is “Adelaide”, now I can’t decide whether it should be a character name, the name of a town, or the name of the country/world that these stories are set in.

The reason this word came to mind? I was walking back home past a sign I have walked past many times before and this sign read, “Victoria Street”, and Victoria clicked in my head, sending me back to my story set in a Steampunk world, and what timeframe are most steampunk stories set in/based on? Continue reading