The Crafty Badger

“We are two students from Blackpool making things we like in hope that you will like them too! Our names are Lauren and Jake, lauren studies graphic design and jake studies fine art. We are new to this but we are learning along the way. We are working on making lots of hand crafted paper goods for you, our styles our different but we have thrown everything together to create The Crafty Badger, to show and sell to you! Thank you for checking us out :)”

These are two very cool people, if you head on over to their Facebook here (opens in new tab) you can check out photographs of some of their quality handmade products.

I went to school with Jake for five years and I knew Lauren a little bit through the two months I did in sixth form (fail) anyway, check them out and if you like their stuff you can buy it from their etsy store which you can find here.

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About Daniel Postlethwaite

I study Film & TV Screenwriting with Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire. My three part plan is to move to Manchester next year, get a job in some media related position, then eventually move on up to London and from their go to New York or LA when I've got a tonne of experience. I have had four poems published by ForwardPress and I have had a short story based upon the first day at University published in the local paper. I am always looking for more competitions etc, if you know of any let me know.

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