First Kiss. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello everyone, happy Valentine’s Day, a day that is yes very commercialised but also kind of cute, allowing people to get sentimental and celebrate your relationship with someone.

In honour of this I thought I’d share a poem I wrote based around mine and my girlfriends first kiss that I posted onto my Tumblr originally.

Don’t worry it’s not gross and detailed!

Laying there hand in hand,
Slowly we look towards each other.
And then.
Then there you are, your lips pressed against me.
My lips pressed against you.

Suddenly my hands are entwined in your hair,
Pulling you closer,
Breathing you in.
And I know.

I know that I don’t want this to stop.
This kiss,
Our first kiss.
I don’t want it stop.

But well of course it has to,
Let’s get our breath back,
Smile at each other,
Look at each other.

Lay with each other,
your head on my chest.
Counting down the seconds to our second kiss.

First Self-Harm Awareness Video – Shar’s Story

Hello and thanks for watching this interview/documentary.

The #WordsNotScars project aims to raise awareness of self-harm by getting the honest opinions of current self-harmers and self-harmers that are currently in recovery. As well as a second part of the project which will showcase the thoughts of professionals in the area who think more needs to be done in their field. Continue reading

#WordsNotScars | Tales of Survivors.

Originally posted on Fresh Ink Productions:

Teaser Poster

Fresh Ink Productions, in association with Umbrella are pleased to announce #WordsNotScars

Words, Not Scars – Tales of Survivors is the beginning of the self-injury awareness campaign that I am starting, to help raise awareness of this subject.

The first part of the #WordsNotScars project is a series of videos in which people who have experience with self-harm recount their tales and how they either dealt with, or are currently combatting, issues relating to self-injury and self-harm.

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Boiled Frogs (Acoustic – No Vocals) – City and Color (Played by Mikey Owens)

Originally posted on Fresh Ink Productions:

I recently purchased a Zoom H2N and wanted to test it out so I decided to record my friend playing guitar and test it out as well as putting my new Nifty Fifty lens to use. Pleased with the results, the track is more on the left channel though, so will have to work on that, but hey that’s the point of a test!

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